About Us

Are you looking for companionship, laughter, friendship and a new lease on life? Then welcome to Gracefully Single. We are a specialised and comprehensive dating service catering for the over 40's in the UK. We believe that there's no denying that we're all still young at heart, so why not look for new romance?

There's never been a better time to start your search for a new partner now that summer is here.

We know how easy it is to be overwhelmed by choice. Many sites, both here in the UK and internationally, will advertise access to millions of potential partners and then proceed to throw unsuitable matches from around the world at you. The problem of course is that while you may find someone compatible there, it's no use to you if they are at the other end of the country, let alone on another continent.

Here at Gracefully Single we can simplify that search with our focus on matching you with other compatible single people over the age of forty or fifty. Most importantly, we recognise that we all live busy lives, and so will match you with single people who live in your local area first. Your chances of finding someone genuine with a real connection to you are immediately much higher.

Whatever your reasons for looking for a new partner, we can help. It might be that you've never really felt able to settle down or that your career has taken first place for a while or perhaps you've ended a long term relationship. Either way, we provide a comprehensive service that's easy to use.

Simply tell us a bit about who you are and follow the instructions that appear on the screen and you'll soon find a whole new world opening up for you. With message boards, support and community features available right away, you can tailor how you use the service and begin your search today.

Whether you're looking for a new long term partner, or just someone to gossip and pass the time of day, come and try us here at Gracefully Single.