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If you are serious about meeting someone but don't like the idea of many of the large, faceless dating sites, try a website dedicated to finding lasting relationships for singles over 50. Our easy to use site and helpful support will make you feel right at home regardless of your previous online dating experience.

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With an estimated 16 million people in The UK aged 16 or over who are ‘single and have never cohabited or married’, equivalent to 34.5% of the adult population of which an estimated 25 percent being over 40 years old. This gives us a conservative estimate of over 4 million mature singles in The UK which doesn’t even include divorced, separated or widowed singles. That’s 4 million single men and women across the UK looking for love, so why is it so hard to find a date as you get older?

For lots of older people, the simple answer is a lack of opportunity. Whereas, in your younger days, you were likely to spend more evenings out in the company of friends, many of whom may have been single or had single friends. You now find yourself in a situation where lots of friends are married, others are in relationships. Some may have children. There simply are less opportunities to meet single people as you get older, especially ones local to you. There are steps you can take to broaden your social circle and make new friends like joining local clubs and societies or taking up a new hobby but if your main goal is to meet someone special to settle down with, the obvious choice is online dating. Here you know that the people you are gong to meet are single and looking for a partner. This takes to guesswork and anxiety out of approaching someone unfamiliar in a bar or out with friends. Gracefully Single takes online dating a step further but offering an online dating experience exclusively for older singles aged fifty plus. We understand that for anyone, taking the plunge and looking for love online can be a intimidating experience, especially on large dating sites where you can easily feel overwhelmed or out of place amongst younger singles.

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Take advantage of our easy to use site which offers all the features you would expect from any of the leading online dating brands including location searches, search by interests, age and compatibility matching as well as personalised members suggestions. Its up to you how you use the site. Many members simply rely on our smart matching technology to suggest potential matches based on their own preferences and interests. Others prefer to delve deeper into the features offered, setting up personalised alerts and filters so they never mis an opportunity to meet someone new.

Our location-based searches and suggestions are a popular starting point for many new members looking for a date nearby. You can set the distance you would prefer to travel and filter out any unsuitable matches who live too far away if, like many members, traveling distance is an issue.

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You are probably concerned about your online security when considering signing up for an online dating site, and you should be. There are plenty of unscrupulous site owners out there all too happy to sell on your personal information to the highest bidder. Gracefully Single uses industry standard SSL encryption to protect your personal details and login information from prying eyes as well as several trusted, secure payment gateways to process payments. Always look out for the padlock in your browsers address bar if you are unsure.

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Gracefully Single offers you all the essential features - secure messaging, chat, and profile updates - without requiring a dedicated app. Enjoy the convenience of a mature dating experience without the hassle of downloading and constantly updating apps. Simply log into your Gracefully Single account from any device, and our innovative software will provide you with the best online dating experience through any basic web browser. We believe this approach allows you to focus on making meaningful connections, free from the frustrations of technology.