Writing a good dating profile

Signing up for any dating site is always a bit of a challenge, and no more so than when you start to write your profile. Here at Gracefully Single, we recognise that you might be feeling a little stuck, and we want you to be able to have the best chance of finding Mr or Miss Right. What better then than to stop and take a couple of minutes to think about what makes for a good profile?

There's something of a balancing act that you need to do between selling yourself as a potential match and maintaining your privacy, and it's very easy to tip to one extreme or another. We've found that the best approach is to keep a positive attitude and be clear in your own mind about what you are looking for in a new date and about what is important to you as a person.

It's exactly the same balancing act that you have to do when you meet someone face to face for the first time, but at least online you can take a little time to consider your words rather than blurt out the first thing that springs to mind. You don't need to lay out your entire life history out front – if only so you've got something in reserve for if you do meet up and are looking for small talk.

So what makes a good profile stand out?