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As we get older, the chances of meeting someone reduce. You might think life is passing you by. Don’t give up on finding love again. As more and more of your friends are getting married and settling down, it’s easy to sit back and accept that maybe you just won’t find someone. Gracefully Single specialise in matchmaking for older singles. You may think that online dating is not for you, but the reality is that more and more mature singles are turning to online dating sites as an alternative to meeting partners through mutual acquaintances, work or nights out. According to the PEW research centre:

“In the 2013-15 period, when Tinder was taking off, online dating tripled for that younger demographic; and in the same period, it doubled for those aged 55-64”

This shows that online dating for older people is really blossoming and with that comes a whole new world of possibilities. Social acceptance of meeting online and a vast pool of single people all looking for someone like you. The common problem with many dating sites is they are just to broad. Often open to members of any age or sometimes anywhere in the world. What older people really want in a dating site is a site where they feel relaxed amongst people of their own age, safe in the knowledge that their personal privacy is being looked after and that most people they will meet are close enough to actually date.

"I was often approached by people much younger than me, people that are the age of my children. I found that creepy and unsettling. I didn't even like the thought that they've looked at my profile." Source

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